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Serving clients from San Francisco Bay Area for decades, with a special focus on individuals from the technology, real estate, and private equity sectors.

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Barlow & Hughan LLP is an independent local Certified Public Accounting firm dedicated to providing the highest quality tax and accounting services.  

Barlow & Hughan LLP, although founded in 1990, can trace its origins to 1946 when Barlow, Davis, & Wood was established. Barlow, Davis, & Wood was one of the larger local San Francisco accounting firms at the time, with a professional staff of nearly twenty-five. The ‘Barlow of that firm was Wm. P. Barlow, Sr., whose son William Jr. joined the practice in 1960 after three years with a “Big Eight” firm, was made partner in 1964, and is still with the firm today. 

Barlow & Hughan has been fortunate in retaining many clients of Barlow, Davis, & Wood to this day. Indeed one individual, a 1906 San Francisco earthquake survivor, was a client until her death a few years ago at the age of 104.

Our Services

Individual Taxation

We have been serving clients from San Francisco Bay Area for decades, with a special focus on individuals from technology, real estate, and private equity sectors.

Audit & Attestation

In addition to the tax services, we also provide audit, financial statement reviews and compilations to small businesses.

Tax Planning

We provide annual and quarterly tax planning service and tax estimates.

Partnership Taxation

We specialize in family partnership taxations in rental real estate and investment businesses.

Stock Compensation Tax Strategy

We help our clients develop tax strategy for their stock based compensation, including RSU, ISO, NSO, and ESPP.

Trust Taxation

We also cover simple and complex trust taxations and gift taxes.

Tax Consultation

We provide our individual and business clients with tax consultations and strategies.

Non-profit Organization

We provide both taxation and attestation services to non-profit organizations, especially to social clubs.

Additional Services Offered

  • LLC Taxation
  • FBAR Filings
  • Multi-state Tax Filing
  • Private Foundations Tax Filing
  • S-Corporation Tax Filing
  • Sole Proprietor Tax and Accounting Advice

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